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Tal-Net? is our registered trademark for talent diagnostics, our unique approach to identification of?talent, applications and development. ?Starting with 121 talent sessions with all your participants we can then tailor development opportunities, identify applications and mentor success that accelerates their personal and professional growth.

Top 100 Identification

Development Planning

Succession and Progression Pipelines

Coaching and Mentoring

Exchanges and Secondments

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Best Practice Thought Leadership

The Challenge


Global luxury retailer interested in developing Top 100 talent and succession plans to ensure continuous business performance improvement. We consulted on learning and development method, coaching and mentoring senior teams, proposing and developing best practice and supporting wider business investment projects. Identification of several value add initiatives and development of systems and process to take talent and leadership development forward.



Working in partnership with the Group HRD and Business HRDs, identify the Top 100 in the business, building individual leadership profiles and designing and evolving the talent management system to drive informed decision making on talent identification, progression, succession and development pathways.?The Talent information was consolidated and captured into a database and built for internal use to make talent driven decisions on internal moves and fast tracking of high potential people.

Great talent management gains in performance:

from?HBR study into factors impacting talent performance Click here


+ Have Managers with Natural Talents in management


+ Choose people with Natural Talents that align to their role


+ Engage your employees to satisfy their needs


+ Focus on their Strengths (Natural Talents)

  • Succession (before) 5% 5%
  • Succession (after 3months) 35% 35%
  • Top Talent Profiles (before) 20% 20%
  • Top Talent profiles (after) 95% 95%

Use of Talent Tracking Tools and Reports

Once profiled, match individual strengths and opportunities for development to support the business strategy.? This included but was not limited to; Executive Education, Coaching, Mentoring, Secondments, Exchanges, Projects, Promotion and Transversal moves.

Creation and implementation of a standalone talent management system with reporting and tracking to manage personal, professional, and business performance information. The system was also designed to track development, succession and progression which would collate and report information from various sources for review and identification of priorities for investment.

Talnetdotcom Twitter Feed

After 12 years of employment, with access to all the training I could possible wish for, I still had no idea about what I was really good at?? I struggled to identify my talents and as a result I didn’t know how to progress my career.

So, I decided to try a session with a talent coach – Martin Knowles.

After 90 minutes with Martin, I felt much more in control of my future.? It wasn’t onerous and the time passed really quickly.

My session was split into 3 parts – firstly Martin needed to learn more about me to advise me accordingly.? He did this by asking a series of questions to work out the “real me”.? The questions were easy to understand and it wasn’t like a job interview.?

After this, Martin analysed all of my answers and I could see him making various connections about the types of things that I would be good at – at this point I was really intrigued and couldn’t wait to hear the final results.

Finally, Martin explained the results.? This was fascinating – he made me realise that I had talents that I wasn’t previously aware of.? He also highlighted areas that would be less suitable for me, which was invaluable.

Now that I have this knowledge,? I know how to shape my career into something more meaningful which will help me progress a lot quicker. Without this insight from Martin, my career would have plateaued or worse- declined.

I really recommend Martin as a talent coach – he’s helped me realise what I am good at.? I think it’s easy to assume that you already know your strengths, but what’s that really based on?? I believe that it’s only once you’ve had a talent coaching session, that you can truly understand how and where to progress your career.?

Camilla Jones

Marketing Manager