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Slide Fund development of your people using Virtual Academy and the Apprentice Levy. Our Qualification Programmes focus on:

+Aspiring Managers
+Developing Managers
+Emerging Leaders
We work with you to design performance driven qualifications that meet your business needs, partially or wholly funded by the Levy. GET STARTED

Slide APPRENTICE LEVY WHAT IS IT? As of April 2017 all employers with Level 1 NIC payroll of greater than £3m will pay a 0.5% Levy that you can use to fund development of your employees. Slide Introducing VIRTUAL ACADEMY Your online social learning environment for aspiring managers, developing managers and emerging leaders. Slide Who is STRUCTURED LEARNING SOLUTIONS We are a boutique learning and development business, focusing on lasting client relationships that achieve sustainable long term return on investment.

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Leverage the Apprentice Levy.

Estimate the cost of the Levy then offset training costs easily with this awesome tool.


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Total MSB Apprenticeship Levy Costs

Adjust the slider to reflect your payroll costs and then select the administration rebate.

Cost of NI Level 1 employees from ?3m to ?50m, minus the administration contribution.

You need to select an item to continue


Select your Business Category (based on payroll cost):

Please select one option from the below description:

Less than ?3m payroll.

Over ?3m payroll.

Over ?50m payroll.

You need to select an item to continue


Training Costs

Please click each icon and adjust the slider to accommodate the number of learners at each level.


Technical Apprenticeships are typically 3-4 years of managed learning in IT related roles. There are many technical disciplines to chose from.


Management Development is important for all aspiring and existing managers. Select this one for a structured Management Development Programme (1, 2, and 3 year courses available).


Leadership Development is for aspiring and existing leaders through a structured Leadership Development Programme (2, and 3 year courses available).


Strategic Leadership Development is for senior hardy leaders and includes a structured Strategic Leadership Development Programme (4 years).

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SME Levy Costs

There is no levy cost if your payroll of Level 1 NIC employees is less than ?3m.

Hooray, no Levy Cost!

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Large Enterprise Apprenticeship Levy

Please adjust the slider below to get your levy costs, minus the administration contribution.

Use the slider to enter in ?millions your total payroll cost of NI Level 1 employees.

You need to select an item to continue


Training Overspend Recalculator

In case you have spent more than your Levy account please click the icon below to recalculate.

Recalculate your cost per month based on overspend, or go back to the previous step.

You need to select an item to continue


Final breakdown of training costs to leverage the levy

The final monthly cost is:



Discount :
Total :/month

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