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We work together with you to achieve exceptional results

Do you need a robust approach to on-boarding?
Are you looking to build career pathways, and want to retain people?
Do you not have a clear management or leadership development framework?
Are your engagement scores pointing to a lack of training?
Do you not have a clear development journey for your employees?

Are your existing learning interventions a bit flat?
Do you want inspiration to supercharge learning outcomes?
Are you struggling to create high value return on investment for your training?
Do you want something a bit different to lift up your teams?
Is performance an issue in your organisation?

Is technology not your friend?
Would you like an out of the box solution to remote learning?
Are analytics small insects in unfortunate places?
Would you like to modernise your learning offer?
Are you struggling to navigate the HR tech arena?

Martin Knowles

Starting as a technical solutions specialist and then in-house technical trainer, I progressed to delivering sales, service, management and leadership courses to support a technical support business grow from 150 to 1500 people in 5 years. I was subsequently prompted into a European Team Management role for over 5000 technical and support engineers, winning Best Training and Development in Europe in 2003. I continued to study psychology of learning and the link to performance and in 2004  I started my own business as a learning consultant with some great friends of mine, who happened to be master trainers in leadership and learning.

At that time I noticed that when approaching clients about training delivery an increasing number wanted a simple way to host course content for remote workers, or shift workers who could not attend on-site training. Instead of training delivery, I became drawn into online learning content, developing in-house course-ware and even up-skilling  internal training teams to develop online content.

However, companies quickly realised that learning could not replace the experience of classroom delivery or the secondary gains of relating face to face, socialising, networking and working together in groups. To solve this issue, blended learning solutions became the norm, including hosted web courses that supplemented classroom delivery rather than replace it, and I was able to combine my two passions Talent Development and Technology.  Clients wanted a simple way to transfer their great training courses into online content, essentially moving content based subjects (Health and Safety, Management theory, or IT self-study) and then needed help in defining how to focus on application of learning, skills and behaviors in the classroom to impact changes.

It became clear to me that focusing on individual needs, and their individual capabilities realised far greater results than production line, or blanket training courses and I spent 5 years studying how to develop peoples talents through coaching and training to positively impact performance. Fundamentally when people understand their own natural talents and how to best apply them they become more productive at work, and in their personal lives.

Martin Knowles

Martin Knowles

Director (Founder)

My solutions compliment existing approaches rather than replace, and supplement where required to fill gaps. I have a wide portfolio of experiences across sectors for improving performance, supporting medium and large organisations in engaging with their people to drive results.

I thoroughly enjoy helping structure development of people to achieve business gains, identifying and developing talent and using technology to record, deliver, collaborate and track results through online mediums.

This is Structured Learning Solutions Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are definately not an off the shelf training company, although workshops or facilitated learning may be part of a solution. Instead, we work with you to identify areas to add value, improve performance, demonstrate return on investment, reduce costs and link interventions to metrics that you can use to measure and manage your teams. We have spent 15 years understanding how to impact positive performance improvement through learning interventions and can share with you ways to achieve this in your organisation.

Structured Learning Solutions work in this space, the convergence between operational performance, learning innovation and technology.

What is your turn around time?

Our service is individual and focused on our clients and they come back to us because they like the service level. Like any business our work comes in peaks and troughs, so we can always turn work around quickly if you want it done in a quiet period!

What kind of clients do you work with?

We support medium sized enterprise (c500-5000 employees) to develop their talent, training and development offer to best engage their teams. Everything we do is bespoke because all our clients are different. We work with specific goals in mind, whether that is management career frameworks, or performance management systems, e-learning for in-house use, talent coaching, leadership or management development to build your overall capability.

Do you have an associate program?

This is something we are developing currently to help support talented individuals with a learning or development bias to work with us to continually innovate new products and expand our portfolio to our clients.  Please get in touch, subscribe and let us know you are interested.

  • Understand the starting point, where are you and your organisation right now
  • Define the end point, what is it that you want to achieve
  • Plot the path between them using business metrics to track performance improvement as a result of initiatives

Our focus from the start is return on investment from Training and HR solutions. What is it that you expect to gain from any type of intervention or learning programme.

What we bring:

  • Innovative approach to professional talent development
  • Work with you to maximise value add
  • Not limited to just HR and Training, we can look at other systems and process that could be restricting your business growth and propose which of your people would be best suited to helping you turn them around!

57% to 87% likelihood of retention from effective on-boarding and career development structures

10 years ago you could get away with a 2 day induction and say that you had fully prepared new members of staff. Now, it’s a whole new ball game with the me-generation of employees jumping not just for money, but if they do not feel welcomed in the first 3 months. You do not have to be regal, but you do have to understand that times have changed.

You may not want to drag everyone to one place to welcome them to your business, and believe me they don’t want it either! Travelling 100 miles to listen to someone read off a power-point! Its time to challenge how things can be done, try new and innovative ways to get the message across, whilst reducing load on your subject matter experts, increasing efficiency and reducing carbon footprints!

Induction is just an example, so many content driven courses are still ‘trained’ in a classroom without consideration for learner retention, business downtime or travel costs, or any justification for business return on investment.

Our message is simple, we help you and your teams develop how you transfer content/information so that your learners, talent and expertise can grow in a safe professional environment.

…We start by understanding what you are trying to achieve. What is your starting point and your goal?

Then we identify the best solution to achieve your goal, helping build or re-engineer existing structures and process to identify the quickest route to help your teams learn.  We work with you to build the structure, which helps your teams learn how to successfully deliver to your goal, business requirement, or visionary strategy. How about a career structure, or a job family? What about using online green rooms for new starters before they join so they can get up to speed pre-start?

Technology is a key part in how we put solutions together, because, lets face it, they automate administrative tasks and cloud technology ensure you can maintain a simple record management system, accessible by anyone, anytime. We can cut out some of the inefficiencies, reduce wastage and improve productivity with a few very simple suggestions to how you channel the flow of information in your teams.

Don't Be Shy

We have a curious approach to your needs, and will enjoy helping you come to the right decision for your business.

We don’t focus on getting the sale, our outcome is to build a long term relationship that works.

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