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About Structured Learning Solutions ...are continuous programmes of blended learning for your teams, managers, and leaders.
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The problem with some training providers and consultants is that they come in, tell you what you already know, deliver a 2day workshop (that can be soon forgotten) and then leave you to deal with integrating and embedding the learning!

Our goal is learning, not training, accelerating individuals journeys with personalised experiences and boosting progress with regular interaction and involvement that nurtures and embeds lasting change in the workplace (and beyond).
Off-the shelf learning is not sophisticated enough to deliver lasting change for your teams, managers and leaders. We all know the best way to learn is from experience, and yet so much training is just pushing content!

We focus instead on what the learners need, not the theory, and support them affect lasting change with our full and undivided attention, calling on our expertise to dynamically adapt training courses into valuable learning experiences.
So, you have been on a workshop and have a lovely manual that you shelve at home never to be seen again. You forget where you put it and then when you need it a few weeks later you instead turn to google to save you!

For the last 3 years we have been compiling the best in learning and development for managers and leaders in business online so that all our delegates get full access to a suite of virtual resources, webinars, classrooms and rich multi-media content.
Learning Solutions Structured
Watch our introductory video. December 2016, London. "Resultants, not Consultants, we focus on continuous blended learning programmes that deliver instant results for your business." Go back Watch video

Performance Essentials Most of the skills of management can be practiced, honed and perfected as part of performance management. Learn to better communicate, engage, correct, develop, coach, inspire and grow yourself and your teams with our 3 bitesize courses. Management Essentials Whether you are new to management, or have been managing for some time there will be something new to learn on our 2day (or 6 bitesize) learning modules. We focus on activating your curiosity to learn, practice and excel in Management. Leadership Essentials The path from manager to leader is rarely one step. In fact, we know that activating self awareness, developing emotional intelligence and demonstrating relationship management can not be done in 2 days. What we can do is activate, then accelerate the journey. Expert Leaders Development The Expert Leader is not the same as the Leader of People. They excel in their field, with insight, specialism and expertise abound and yet senior influencing, collaboration and relationships do not come easy to them when charged with growing the gestalt business. Our expertise is working with you to engage them. Leadership Development Theory is of less and less value here. Issues are strategic, specific, and unique. Yet our attention can often be distracted. Understanding your value and impact, increasing your sphere of influence, and widening your reach more effectively in the business, will help your leaders succeed. Talent Development According to Gallup only 20% of people use their strengths everyday at work. In our study of 500 managers and leaders over 3 years, however, only about 2% of them could actually define where they added value. Once identified and managed our population increased their business performance by as much as 40% in 12m.

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Our team has a huge variety of experiences and history. Here are some of the clients, employers, and contracts that our team have worked for and with. We seek to find matches to your needs from our bank of associates, trainers and delivery teams.

TESTIMONIAL “The Talent and Leadership Programme you delivered was responsible for [up to] 40% performance improvement attributing 8% bottom line growth in business revenue (c£32m)" Martin H. - CEO TESTIMONIAL “The online site induction has returned 10x the investment, and allowed us to re-engineer our control process and procedure to reduce cost, reduce travel and improve safety.” Nigel S.- Site Ops Manager TESTIMONIAL “Martin – thank you for a great 2day Team Talent session, I know we all took a lot from it and we look forward to continuing to work with you” Brad M.- UK Country Manager TESTIMONIAL “The on-boarding online induction, combined with management and leadership talent sessions have helped us significantly in developing our business” Adrian B.- HR Director


Firstly, we get to know you and your business by discovering what you want, investigating what you need, and designing solutions that fit your budget.

We would like to meet with you, on your site, and meet your teams in their natural work environments so we can best understand your needs.
Design Next, we compile a brief and proposal so we all know what it is that is going to be done, and how.

There is no such thing as a course that solves all your problems, and instead we design frameworks that allow us to adapt and adjust as we discover more.
Learning Pathways Learning Pathways allow us to blend online and virtual classroom content with onsite workshops so we maximise learner attention and retention by focusing them on key outcomes.

This also reduces the downtime and delivery costs to you, and puts the attention on the learner not the trainer.
Services Diagnostics Most managers and leaders do not know what they do not know, so diagnostics and psychometrics represent a way to feedback objectively about someones personal style and identify personal development needs.

You can supplement this with coaching and mentoring too.
Self Learning We have a huge resource library including; 100 training courses online, 2000 pages of content, videos, animations, webinars, virtual classrooms, handouts, manuals, workbooks and communities that bring learning to life online.

Combining online with workshops allows deeper learning relationships.
Blended Workshops We remove content out of the classroom so we can focus on experiences and accelerated learning environments in our workshops.

Whether it is bite-size, all day, or residential courses around performance, management or leadership, we tailor delivery to suit you.

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